Christmas 2007 Membership Campaign
Over the past 10 years or so, membership of the Sanctuary has grown from zero to 150 people, who support the costs of the feed bills here through a simple Standing Order direct to the Sanctuary's account on a monthly basis.

This regular support generates about half the cost of the monthly feed bills which now stand at over £4000 a month (Vets & maintenance costs are additional).

We are incredibly grateful for the loyal support our supporters have shown as without them we simply would not be able to look after this many animals (over 300 now) and the only alternative would be euthanasia - a fate most of the animals side stepped in coming here in the first place.

This Christmas we are desperately trying to double the number of members and to that end we have send all our existing members and supporters a few pieces of literature that they may be able to pass onto a friend or colleague in the hope that they may consider joining.

If you are already a member or supporter and did not receive the literature, it is simply that we probably do not have your address. If you would like to receive it, please contact me by e mail.

There is no fixed cost for Membership of the Sanctuary, you can choose whatever amount you are comfortable with, i.e. £2 a month, £5, £10, £20 - whatever you are able to help us with.

I am acutely aware that people are inundated with requests to help a whole range of charities more or less all of the time! so I quite understand the pressure that is out there. I would however mention that a donation made to the Sanctuary goes directly towards the feed costs - every penny.

The Sanctuary is not run as a business and there are no staff to pay (i.e. salaries), no admin costs to cover, vehicles to pay for, uniforms, rent, pension plans, or any other costs to find out of the donations. You can therefore be assured that every single penny of your hard earned money goes towards the feed costs. You will directly be helping to care for the animals that are given a forever home here at the Sanctuary.

I realise that this sounds a bit moldy of me, but if you are already maxed out with donations to several organisations, please do take the time to establish just how much of your hard earned cash actually gets to the cause & whether you think that the charity concerned is actually spending it's money wisely. Completely different field I know but when my partner has to go to the head office of the Bank he works for he walks past the new HQ of a large Charity (no names, but there is an army connection & they play music & march !) & we have to wonder why the City of London, in the most expensive area for renting is a sensible choice for a charities HQ - is the millions this will have cost a good use of funds? I would suggest not.

Remember also that many of the animals we take in here have already be consigned to the needle by that largest of animal charities who have 2,000,000 members - miaw! - but sadly, that's what the little cats say when they are saved from death by a volunteer & brought to us here.

Anyway - rant over!

The membership campaign Christmas 2007 !


New Members @ 13th January  number:6

(Note however that unfortunately during the time the campaign has run, 5 people have terminated their standing orders leaving the over position at +1 

Q:How do I Join?
A:Simply complete a Standing Order form & return it to the Sanctuary - see here

Q:Which animal could I sponsor?
A:Most people find it hard to choose & so you can sponsor them "all" - If you
A:want to choose an animal specifically, that's fine - pick anyone you can see on
Q:the pages of the site.

Q:Can I visit them?
A:Yes, we have 2 Open Days per year, one in the Summer & one at Christmas
Q:Outside these times, visits can be arranged by contacting me.
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