Happy Christmas 2006
from all the Gang !
Here are a few pictures of the the Pig Gang enjoying their Christmas Breakfasts
What a feast ! - Long Nose & his gang tuck in to a rather large fruit &  veg salad!
Jayne enjoys some bananas - Jayne was the only survivor of a Pig intensive breeding unit that burned down a few years ago
Nadia grabs a banana & makes off home...
...whilst Percy takes a seat before tucking in
Miss Piggy has invited Terry over for a slice
Sam's gang get stuck in too !
William is just grateful to have found a home, as he was facing being shot for being old (20) - nice....

He says coming here is just what he wanted for Christmas!
Thank you to all our members and supporters for your help during 2006.

If you are not already a member, and would like to help us care for the 260 residents here at the Sanctuary please do consider joining by sponsoring a rescue on a monthly basis.

You can join from as little as £2 per month & because Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary is not run as a business, every single penny donated goes towards the feeding costs of the animals. There are no staff to pay afterall ! - Please mail me on the button below if you would like to help in this way.

We struggle considerably to keep going, particularly during the Winter months and would therefore be grateful if you would forward the e mail with the link that brought you to this page to everyone in your address book, in case anyone receiving it would like to help the rescued animals by joining.

As existing members will know, as a member you will be able to visit the gang at the Open Days which are in the Summer and at Christmas.

Also on a serious note, I must advise that a third Percy Adventure is in the pipeline - so that's something to get worked up about isn't it ! - See here for Percy's previous adventures.

Best wishes for the new year !

Fiona & the Gang

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Baart, Homer, Felicity, Stephanie, Bob & Betsy
Stan, one of the luckier Turkeys at this time of year
Now, run that past me just one more time will you?
- you say you woke me up just to take my picture???