The off Amazon Wish List !
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Many of the items we would love to have to help with the work at the Sanctuary are not listed on Amazon, or sometimes the Amazon prices are nearly twice the price that the items can be sourced elsewhere - so whilst the Amazon wish list is convenient, we dont think it is right to list those items on it. 

Instead, we have set this page up to list the items, with links to where we think they can be bought the cheapest. Clearly, if you buy one of the items, make sure that you change the delivery address to that of the sanctuary (something that the Amazon list does automatically!)

Coopers Lice Treatment - this is used to control blood sucking parasites in Cows and Sheep and can also be used for Pigs. 
Replacement Ball Valves these are to repair troughs in the stables and in the yards. We have about 20 troughs at the main site, plus those at the other sites and when they break, its usually this piece that goes, so really handy to have spares. We have about 5 troughs on "manual" at the moment which would be great to get fixed :)
Pour on Ivermectin which is used to control internal parasites in Cattle. The pour-on variety is much easier to use than the injectable which of course the animals don't like !
Replacement Drain Plug - Always good to have a few of these in stock for when one gets broken, as with no plug, the trough is useless.
Equest Horse Wormer - To control worms in the equines
Please remember that if you are able to order any of these items via the links - or even source them cheaper elsewhere - the delivery address should be set to:

Fiona & the gang
Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

Thank you so much :) xxx