Vladimir is a gentle giant ! - He weighs about 50 Kilo's and is very sweet and soft.

He is a Bulldog - an American one !

He is aged 4 years & was in a pound in Sheffield and was about to be put to sleep. he had been re-homed a few times but the owners had brought him back as said he had been "fitting".

Here he is with Martin on his way to work (Martin, not Vladimir...)

Vladimir went to the vets to be neutered as we cannot have an entire male dog here as we have several un-neutered females...

His operation was successful, but has set us back £250 - including the aftercare drugs

Unfortunately, the previously mentioned "fitting" has re-appeared & Vlad went back to the vets for tests on 31st.

On 1st August, the fits got worse & Fiona had to rush him back again - unfortunately he had a fit in the car on the way.

He stayed at the vets this weekend where they are treating him for liver disease which is behind the fitting.

He has been a good boy at the vets this weekend and all the staff have fallen for him !

We wait to find out whether the medication is having an effect on the disease.

If you would like to help us with the costs of Vladimir's treatment, please get in touch. Vets bills are on top of the £5200 we have to find for feeding everyone & so this makes things even harder.

You can donate by PayPal at fiona@towerhillstables.com or by cheque payable to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary & the address is Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ

or you can make an electronic payment using the Bank details on the membership form here

Thank you

Woof woof

UPDATE - 5th August 2008 - see Latest News for this date - Vladimir is seriously ill