Below is the Flash Movie - Please click on the file to start the download.

I am very grateful to the staff of EverMedia for helping me out with the Video conversion. I simply explained by email what the Sanctuary was doing & they responded almost immediately to say that they would be happy to help. I posted the tape & they returned the converted file & the original tape within a few days. Here is a link to their website

The converted file was 12 meg in size as an "mpeg" and although I could have posted this on this page, it would have taken quite a while to download - unless you have broadband !

So I found another company on the web called who provide software to convert various formats into something called "Flash" which is a flexible format allowing me to signifiacntly reduce the size of the file, so that it downloads to your PC quicker.

I have therefore reduced the size & the quality of the picture so that the resultent file is only 2 meg in size.

Normally of course you would need to purchase the software from in order to use it, but again following an explanatory e mail, they kindly agreed for me to use their demo version for free. Another very nice company !

Now 2 meg is still a reasonably large file & will take 2-3 minutes to download based on a 64K connection speed. If your connection is greater or less than this the download time will vary accordingly.

Flash will play in 99% of peoples browsers, so it may not work for absolutely everyone. When I play it on my PC, it plays in this current window & repeats until you hit the "back" button on the browser.

(Please note that presumabily due to my efforts to make the file smaller, the picture runs a few seconds ahead of the sound track)