This page was last updated: June 30, 2012
Christmas 2004 Turkey Rescue
This year I was able to rescue five more of the little chaps from slaughter. These birds are too injured for human consumption & so would have just been slaughtered.
This poor little girl has a badly swollen head & cannot see at the moment. She would not at first be caught & kept running around the pen when the farmer was trying to catch her. Eventually he said that it was probably best if I left her there.  - you can only imagine what I was going through - I told him that I didn't mind waiting - whilst praying that she would be caught at the next attempt - thankfully she was. You can see how short her top beak has been burnt off with the hot knife & she can't actually close her beak at all. I will allow her to rest for a week & see how the swelling goes. It is likely she will need antibiotics to clear the infection up
This little girl has wounds all over her body - whilst she must have suffered at the beaks of the stronger birds these kinds of wounds usually heal up & new feathers grow through in a few months.
Here are the other three birds who I managed to save.

One has a bit of a limp, and all three have various wounds on their bodies.

They are all in a stable together on a new bed of straw & have lots of food & clean water to drink. It normally takes them a while to settle down & realise that they are safe.
If anyone would like to sponsor this "gang" of rescued Turkeys I would love to hear from you and you would be welcome to come & visit them - and all the other rescued animals - at the next sanctuary open day in the Summer.

Please mail me on the link below if you would like to adopt one or all of these rescued birds - every single penny will go towards their feed & treatments where appropriate

Thank you & "Happy Christmas" from all the rescued Turkeys !
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