Some of the six Turkeys now resting & recovering at the Sanctuary
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These pictures were taken on the day they arrived

I will take pictures on a regular basis & post them here so you can follow their progress to recovery
If you want to help one of these poor birds directly, click HERE or on their pictures above to see the different ways you can help them

Thank you
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
UPDATE JAN 8th 2002
Here are four of the six rescued Turkeys in their pen. The other two have recovered enough to fly out of the pen & have settled down with the eleven other rescued birds. Sometimes they fly back into the pen.
As you can see, their wounds are healing & they have a happy future ahead.
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UPDATE FEB 14th 2002
5 of the birds are integrated with the main Turkey gang now, but one still has a poorly eye. She is in a holding pen & I am hopeful that she will be well enough soon to go back with the others.

Unfortunately no-one has sponsored a single one of these poor birds. I would be so grateful if someone would - even a pound a month would help towards their feed costs.

Please click here to see how you could help & if you do sponsor a bird (or anyone!) you can come & meet them on the Sanctuaries open day in the Summer

March 12th 2002

Sadly the bird with the poorly eye has lost the sight in that eye. I am still keeping her in s seperate pen. Apart from that she has recovered fully & her other eye is absoultely fine

Christmas '03 Rescues

I have been able to take 9 more Turkeys that were considered to be too poorly to slaughter from a local Turkey farm. There are 7 White ones & 2 Copper coloured ones. They are all small birds and thankfully they are not as injured as last years rescues. One however does have a terrible wound to his back which was open, but is now crusting over. Several of them have problems with their legs and are on antibiotics.

I have not had a minute to get their photos done yet, there is so little light at this time of the year that it is very difficult to get the outide jobs done in the light & the stable lights are not all working at the moment !!!

I will get their pictures on the site over the Christmas period.

I recieved a lovely card today from a supporter which had a picture of a family sitting down to Christmas dinner together with  Big Turkey who was sitting at another chair with a a big plate of food in front of him & the caption said "the nicest way to have a Turkey for dinner"

If you are not already a supporter & would like to help these poor birds, you can help me with their feed costs through sponsorship from just £2 a month. Please send me an e mail if this is something you would like to do

Thank you
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Christmas '02 Turkey Rescue