Here are some of the lucky birds Fiona saved from slaughter in previous years !

Here is your chance to sponsor one or more of the gang for Christmas ! The buttons below will set up a regular monthly paypal donation straight to the Sanctuary. We have allocated different amounts and names to give you an option on how much you would like to donate.

We will re-use these names for this years birds - the birds from 2012 pictured above are now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge - sadly the intensive breeding of these birds and the way they are pumped up to grow super quick means that they are not long lived :(

Gobbles the Turkey is however still going strong as she was rescued by a supporter from a non intensive farm also in 2012

​If you would like a certificate as a present for someone, e mail us on the link below with the details and we can sort that out for you
Please Help Us !
Cheques can be made payable to:

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary 

& the address is:

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary
Sponsor Snowflake for £3 a month
Sponsor Nelson for £5 a month
Sponsor Snowdrop for £2 a month
Sponsor Snow White for £4 a month
Sponsor Snowey for £6 a month
If you prefer to sponsor by standing order (and avoid PayPal Commission !) the link to the form is HERE - you can either just use the details to set it up on line with your Bank or you can print it off & complete it - all the instructions are on the form.If you can't print, I will post you one - send me a message on the button below !

The Standing Order can be for any amount you choose - 100% of donations received will go towards the costs of feeding the Turkeys !
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Gobbles !