Christmas Turkey Rescue '06
This year I was only able to rescue 2 Turkeys, both little white ones.

This little girl has swollen eyes, all you can see in fact is scabs where her eyes are. She is totally exhausted & needs several days rest, peace & quiet.

We will wait for the scans to lift a little before checking her eyes - hopefully, they are intact underneath.
Here is the other little one - you can see the black scab on her back - her wings are covering the scab up which extends across her body.

She will be OK, and her legs are not damaged.

It makes me very sad to think of the millions that have suffered this Christmas time.
Here is a happier picture of a previous year's rescue who has fully recovered & has found a handy cat bed to roost down in !
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Jusy need to make a few adjustments, and then we can settle down for the night !