Christmas Turkey Rescue '05
This year I was only able to rescue 4 Turkeys, two bronze and two white ones. These are the only pictures I have taken so far.

This little girl has swollen eyes which you can see in this picture. They were completely closed when she arrived but have now open up following bathing them in warm water.

This girl is very small indeed, however she can actually walk about OK. When the farmer selected her for me & I put her in the back of my car he paused saying "actually she's not too bad is she?". I had to think quickly & made some comment about a bad limp she had & he said OK then. Talk about panic.

She has had a very lucky escape !
This is the other white bird I was able to save. The one behind is one rescued last year - her feathers have all grown back as you can see.

This bird has a wound on her chest where stronger birds have pecked at her. They do this out of frustration. This wound is not bad when you look at the condition that some of the birds have been in in previous years - The '02 pictures are the worst.
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Please e mail me if you would like to help these poor birds through Sponsorship - you can come & visit them at the next open day !