I have made arrangements with a company who will produce a range of Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary items which you can buy to keep for you self or which will make a nice present for someone special.

I have so far designed three different Sanctuary Mugs which are shown below:
Each mug is a "standard" white mug with a handle & features this design on the front and the back.

This is one of Cilla's babies James

This is Hank !

and this is Florence !
Each mug will cost £10.00 to buy and will take about 10 days to arrive from payment being received.

The cost is broken down as follows:

The basic cost of each Mug + P & P is £8.00   I have added a £2 donation for the animals.

I have ordered one Mug of James to see what the quality was like & it arrived today - here is a picture of it.
Teddy B not included !!!
So if you would like to help the animals this way & enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee when it arrives please send me an e-mail !

If you would like another animal at the sanctuary featured for your Mug or Mouse Mat - let me know too & I'll see what I can arrange !
email me
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Mouse Mats Too ! - £10.00
Summer Design
Winter Design
Progressive Rock CD released in aid of the Animals at Tower Hill Stables by Martin

54 sold so far - over £400 raised for the animals

Click here for Martin's site & read the rave reviews on the Reviews page !

The music has been described as being in the vein of early Genesis, Camel, Weather Report, Soft Machine, Tony Banks & Bjorn Lynn  - a mere £8 donation to receive one of the finest, if not the finest progressive Rock CD's ever to be recorded in Asheldham!

CD - Prog Rock CD released in aid of the Sanctuary - click here
Please add me to the web shop "offers" mailing list - type your your e mail address  below & hit Submit
We have set up a 'web shop' with a company called Buy At & if you click on the button below, you will be taken straight there! - There are dozens of retailers linked to the scheme & the Sanctuary will earn commission on every purchase you make.

There are lots of special offers to check out & if you would like to receive e mails regarding any offers that may be in place, please fill in your e mail address in the box below & hit the submit button. Don't worry, the mails are not that frequent ! - on average every few months.
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