This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
Snowy is an English Bull Terrier who was thrown out of her home. The owner cited that she was incontinent & that was the main reason she had to go. She isn't actually - perhaps she made a mistake once & that was enough grounds to have her thrown out.

Snowy arrived here in Februry 2009 and immediately settled in with the "oldies" gang who live seperatly from the "main" gang.

She had originally be "rescued" by the RSPCA who placed her with the family who had just thrown her out after about 12 months.

If you would like to sponsor Snowy please send me a mail.

You can join the Sanctuary from as little as £2 per month & every penny will go towards the feed costs.

Thank you - woof woof !
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As you can see, her claws were very overgrown & clearly no-one had been looking after her properly for some time.

Every claw was like this, almost digging into the pads on her feet.

She was very good though & let us clip them back to a more sensible length.
Snowy enjoys cuddling up to her Teddy for the night !