Simon the Dog !
Here is Simon on the day he arrived, you can see his backbone & ribs as he is quite underweight - particularly sad as he is only 18 months & has been in a council run kennels for 9 months

Simon is a Bull Mastiff x Great Dane
Here he is 2 weeks later. You can just see Tilly the Bassett Hound behind his back legs & also Tessy in the bottom left
Here he is in the Kitchen with Sasha behind me, with Dasha & Tessy in the foreground
Finally, here he is about 3 weeks after being here having a stroll ! Simon is filling out well, and since this picture was taken has just about reached his ideal weight. It is important to build the weight slowly rather than try & simply give "loads of food" as you want them to build muscle rather than just get fat.
Simon is a very Big Dog !! If you woulds like to sponsor Simon, you can do so from as little as £2 per month (50p a week!).

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