Homer, Baart, Stephanie & Felicity have grown considerably ! - click here to see them as lambs !!

I can hardly imagine holding one under each arm as I bottle fed them !

They share this field with 3 Goats, the Likely Lads & Florence & will eventually share the same pen. For now the pens are adjacent so that they can get to know each other

Also behind them ou can see Sams gang - the Pigs in their paddock - & behind them the large whites, Claudia, Matilda, Jayne & Amelie

Here I am with Baart & his friends

Earlier this week, the muck heap that was also in this field was taken away apart from a small pile which I am standing on !

Here is the view from the top of that pile - Sams gang in the foreground & behind the Sheep and the Goats