Russian School Children's
Anti Fur Campaign Art Competition
Final 18 pictures from over 3000 entries
3rd Place - Tanya Kulakova
M Borozulina
Regina Gizatullina
1st Place - Nargiza Chairutdinova
Runner - Up - Vika Labutina
Runner - Up -  Kristina Tokalchik
Runner Up - Lilya Kashko
Alenya Akulovskaya
Andrei Strokov
Vadim Sorokin
Koysta Pleesheev
Natasha Vlasova
Anna Zimina
Viktoriya Vasilenko
Tanya Bezrukova
Ildar Farziev
Alenya Popova
2nd Place - Katya Cherdakova
All these pictures and slogans were really excellent and it was a very tough decision to pick the winner as they are all winners in my opinion.

However I was asked to choose a 1st 2nd & 3rd place and following lenghty deliberations I decided on the following results:
Here are the other Finalists - in no significant order -

I am very proud of all the Children who entered this competition and also feel very humble in judging somthing I could not do myself - well done to all of you, you all have the talent to make a difference in this world. My very best wishes to you all - Fiona

3rd Place is by Tanya Kulakova  this is a very strong picture with a very truthful and honest slogan.  I thought the use of the black and white was particularly good as it gave the impression of the coldness of killing.
1st Place is by Nargiza Chairutdinova as I feel that the attention to detail and thought that has gone into the picture is very great.  The animal caught in the trap looking at the lady with the coat dripping in blood.  The spirit of the dead fox and the pain the fox in the front of the picture is in.  Even the detail of the fox crying is very moving.  It sums up every element of the cruelty involved in using fur.  This picture needs no words to describe what it means.

2nd Place is by Katy Cherdakova as I thought the artwork was marvellous and the slogan is very good too as it gives a message of peace.  The way the girl is sitting with the fox and they are smiling together and obviously happy.  The girl is appreciating his beauty by drawing him rather than harming him.  It is a very strong message.
I also particularly liked Vika Labutina's entry, I thought that the picture and slogan were excellent and would really make people think about not eating meat.  I know the competition is about anti-fur rather than vegetarianism but I thought this was such an honest picture it deserves a special mention.

Also, I liked Lilya Kashko's entry as I thought the use of colour and the slogan were very good.  It carries a clear message that children think it is wrong to kill.  I think this is a very important thing for the future!

Also, I like Kristina Tokalchik's entry as I thought the picture and slogan were both very good.  I liked the way she had used images of many animals living together peacefully and the fact that it is wrong to use any animal for meat or fur.  I also liked the little dove flying around overhead as a gesture of peace.