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Talk at Rickstones Church
14th April 2011
Percy & I arrived early at the Church and were shown in by Anna who had booked & arranged the evening,

Percy secured himself a good seat - as you can see
Soon, the guests started to arrive & it wasn't long before Percy was chatting along on first name terms with his new friends !

Thankfully the projector & lap top worked & I talked for about an hour about the work that Fiona does with the animals as well as her amazing athletic achievements.
Everyone was very impressed with what Fiona has achieved and was in awe of her daily workload !

£60 was raised in donations which was fantastic, and even included the sale of a YAK CD !

Also the ladies donated several boxes & bags of Cat & Dog food and some lovely home made blankets for the animals to sleep on

It was a pleasure to meet such a nice group of ladies - thanks for asking us to talk !