Raspberry Feast.
Rob and Andi struck lucky today as their trip to Spittalfields market yielded - amongst other things - an incredible 400 punnets of Raspberries !

Yes 400 ! 50 trays with 8 in each - that's about £800 worth at retail prices - all being thrown away as they were just on & slightly past their best - but would have gone off before they had been distributed to the shops etc

What a treat for the Pigs ! - there can't be many Pigs breakfasting on £800 worth of Raspberries today !!!

Rob and Andi with some of their haul
Here is Ellie enjoying a raspberry based meal

Percy tucks in too ...& then has a bath

It is vitally important to provide Pigs with a pool area, as contrary to popular belief Pigs cannot sweat. They have no sweat glands, so the only way they can cool down on a hot day is to lie somewhere cool. This is why they love to wallow in water as it helps to cool them down.

Here is Miss Piggy from Sam's gang also tucking into some raspberries.

Below is Sam & some other members of his gang
Sam has opted for the short feed rather than the raspberries.

If you note the large pile of topsoil behind Sam's paddock, I took some pictures of the whole Pig field from the top to give you an idea of what it looks like

Click here to see them