Small Animals
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I look after quite a few small animals:

Guinea Pigs


All of my hammies came via a contact at a local vet - a lady had a few & didn't want them any more. Naturally I said I would look after them, & when she turned up I was a little concerned to see that she had two cages each with two hamsters in. Insisting they were all female she asked me which one I would take ! - I took all 4 & immediately separated them firstly as hamsters don't really enjoy each others company in confined spaces & can fight, & secondly because I wasn't convinced that they were all girls.

I was right as a week later I had 18 hamsters. Fortunately I had enough cages as someone played this trick on me before several years ago when I needed about 20 cages.

All this happened in the summer of 1998 & sadly none of the little hammies are with me any more. Incredibly, Basil only passed away in the Autumn of '02 he was the longest living of any Hamsters I have cared for.  I put this down to the fact that he was never handled, other than to clean his cage. From reading up about hamsters they don't actually enjoy being handled & prefer a solitary lifestyle without disturbance. The only other time I handled him was to take a few pictures!

I will leave these pictures of him here as he was such a cute little man & I will not forget him
My rescued rabbits come from a variety of sources, but mostly a local rabbit rescue organisation who get theirs from the RSPCA or the general public. A lot of people only seem to want their rabbits when they are babies & as soon as the get big many get handed in to rescue organisations.
I tend to take the rabbits in that no-one else wants, either because they are too old or because they may be disfigured. For instance, Tinker has a torn ear & the re-homing centre who had him said that no-one would take him because of it. One of my rescues, Pam, who is sadly no longer with me, was 8 years old when her owner decided that she wasn't playful enough anymore & handed her in. Pam was with me for another 4 years & enjoyed her retirement in a loving home.

Guinea Pigs
Bill & Dave Guineas arrived earlier in the Summer of 2005. They are lovely little chaps & live together in a very large hutch. When the weather permits they go onto a run on the lawn

I feed them with a high quality Guinea Pig food together with fresh hay and Carrots which they love. It is very important at this time of year in particular to ensure that their water is always fresh & topped up as in the heat of the Summer water bottles can go "green" in just a few short days - so if you do have small animals with water bottles do remember to change them daily.

UPDATE - Dec 07 - Sadly, Bill passed away in his sleep, but Dave is doing very well & recently moved into a new hutch - see here
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The saddest story was Clare's. Clare was bred for meat & was taken with a lot of other rabbits who all had their necks rung (including Clare) and dumped in a sack ready to take to the butchers. The next day when the sack of "dead" rabbits were taken to be skinned, they noticed that Clare wasn't quite dead. The man doing the skinning couldn't bring himself to kill her & so took her instead to a vet who nursed her back to health. Clare then found her way to a rabbit rescue centre & I took her from there as she was having trouble getting a home. The reason was because being a "meat" rabbit, she has a relatively small head  large body & so doesn't look as "attractive" as your typical rabbit. Clare is a loving rabbit & is happy to have at last found a loving home.

Update - June 2003

Very sadly Clare passed on in her sleep last night. She has been with me for 7 years now. I will miss her dearly.

Here is Tinker ! - He has been with me now for about 8 years. You can see his torn ear, which sort of bends back on itself. It does not cause him any problem, but had prevented him from being re-homed.

Sadly Tinker passed away on the 20th September '03 - see the latest news on that day for the details. I miss him very much
Bill & Dave !
Here is Benjamin Bunny, who arrived on November 16th 2007
He doesn't really have a red eye ! that's just the camera flash.
He arrived with his friend GP the Guinea Pig who you can see below
Benjamin's previous owners were unable to keep him & we were asked if we would care for him
Here is Mr GP the Guinea Pig who arrived on November 16th together with Benjamin Bunny above.

He has a cardboard tunnel in his hutch which he likes to sit in ! - New Hutch HERE

What a cutie!

If you would like to sponsor GP or any of the other little animals (or big ones!) please send me a mail

Thank you
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