Peter is a Dutch Warmblood who was purchased from a Horse dealer in December 2007. Peter was advertised as a riding horse, and was bought as such. However after a few weeks it transpired that Peter was not the Horse he had been advertised as and had a few problems.

A Vet had a look at him and discovered that he has a condition called kissing spine - this means that it is painful for him to carry a weight on his back - although he is fine to walk about without being ridden. This is a common condition and I have heard that some dealers can hide the symptoms with pain killers whilst the animal is being tested out by a prospective owner...

Not suggesting that this was the case here.

Peter also has some issues with his feet which also made it difficult for him to be used as a riding horse.

Peter's owners were very upset and set about trying to find somewhere for Peter to live where he could be a companion animal and not be used.

After trying all the large organisations they drew a blank and following the vets advice that it may be kinder to let Peter go to sleep than risk him ending up at another Horse dealers yard where he may get sold again as something he is not - or worse end up going to slaughter - made arrangements for Peter to be euthanased.

In the meantime they were still making frantic calls to see if he could be homed anywhere. I was contacted a few days before the euthanasia was due and said that I would be prepared to take Peter.

The vet was cancelled and Peter arrived here a few days ago.

He is a very gentle Horse & has settled in very well with the others. He is stabled at the moment and has a daily turnout which he likes to share with his new friends the sheep !
Peter and Fiona the Sheep !!

(she is a very determined sheep., hence the name!)
As regular readers will know, we are very full - particularly with Horses, however we have made room for Peter.

Feed costs however are going through the roof - excluding Cat & Dog food we are spending £3700 on feed per month - that's probably pushing £4500 now if you add Cat & Dog food - there are 30 Dogs & 50 odd Cats ! (+ vets bill etc)

The financial strain we are under is huge. If we are to continue with the work and continue to save animals like Peter from slaughter we desperately need more financial help.

If you are not a member of the Sanctuary, please do consider joining us - even a few pounds a month will help & please remember we are not a business - so every penny goes to the feed costs & not in admin, salaries and other costs etc

We have 160 members now & we really need to try and double this - we are so very grateful to all our existing supporters without whom we would not be able to carry on at all.

Thank you
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