The further adventures of Percy Bear - starring Percy Bear

Percy's Car

One fine day Percy Bear invited his friend Chilly Snowman over for an afternoons drink of ginger cordial. It had been a lovely August day and what better way to relax in the afternoon sun !

Hey, Mr Chilly, how do you fancy a spin in my new car?

"I didn't know you could drive" replied Chilly

"Oh, it's easy" said Percy, "there was an instruction video with my car - I had to build it myself don't you know"

Emma Bear heard them talking & came over to have a word with Percy
"Now listen here Percy" said Emma, "be very careful if you take Chilly out in your pedal car & make sure you both do up your seat belts & stay on the grass"

"Yeah, yeah" replied Percy "Keep your fur on, I'm not stupid you know"

Percy & Chilly finished their drinks & set off to get Percy's Car.

"Where are the seat belts?" enquired Chilli

"Oh I haven't bothered to fit them yet" said Percy - don't worry I'm a good driver.

Five minutes later & Percy & Chilli were on the main road

"I thought we were supposed to stay on the grass" said Chilli

"Oh, stop worrying, I can pedal much faster on the road - hang on...
The little car accelerated & Percy became very excited

"Hey hey, look I can drive with my eyes shut" he called out as the little car sped on

"Please look where you're going" pleaded Chilly

Suddenly a car came the other way & Percy swerved to avoid it (as he was by now on the wrong side of the road) - Look out !!!
The next thing they knew, the little car had left the road & crashed headlong into the signpost. Chilly was thrown from the vehicle & Percy hit his head on the steering wheel.

Fiona heard the thud across the road and quickly arrived to help
Also just passing by was PC Fred E. Bear

Chilly was not hurt - well he's a snowman you see & Percy was just shaken.

PC Fred E Bear was not amused - at all
He took Percy to one side & gave him a good talking to.

"You've been a very silly Bear Percy, look at all the trouble you have caused. These repairs will have to come out of your pocket money you know"
Percy was very sorry for what he had done but explained that it wasn't really his fault. "He made me do it" he said, pointing to Chilly " It was all his idea".

Fortunately everyone knew that Percy was a fibber & Emma Bear made sure he was sent to bed with no tea !

The moral of the story is of course to:

a) always listen to your Aunt Emma
b) always wear your seatbelt
c) don't accept lifts from bears with unusually large heads
d) don't drive with your eyes shut
e) don't tell fibs !

Goodnight !