The further adventures of Percy Bear - starring Percy Bear

Percy and the Plane

One fine Summer's day the Chilly twins took their model airplane into the garden to play,

They each took it in turns to glide the little plane across to the lawn to each other.
"Chuck it to me, chuck it to me" squeaked the tiniest of the twins and so big Chilli twin threw the plane - but OH NO, too hard ! - the plan soared up and a gust of wind carried it right up into the branches of a tall tree !
"Oh dear" cried the twins - "we'll never get it down!
The twins had a think for a minute & then decided to stand on each others shoulders to see if they might be able to reach the little plane.

But try as they might, they were just too small to reach it.

Suddenly, one of the twins had an idea. "Lets ask Uncle Percy to help". They all ran off to find Percy.
Percy & Chilly were working hard in the garden when the twins found them. "Uncle Percy, Uncle Percy" they cried, "Help us get our plane down".

"Oh, said Percy, "we've just sat down! but don't worry, I'll help you. Where is it? "It's at the top of a huge tree" said the twins. "Oh that'll be no problem, I'm an expert at climbing trees - I've a instruction video all about it" said Percy.

Emma Bear heard Percy's boasts and came over to have a few words with him.
"Now look here Percy, don't you think you are a bit heavy to go climbing trees?, you might fall and hurt yourself."

"Keep your fur on" said Percy, "Do I look stupid?" he went on, "I am a bear afterall & bears climb trees!"  
With Emma Bears warning ringing in his ears, Percy started to inch his way up the tree.

The trunk became thinner and thinner as he went higher and higher.

"Hey Percy" called Chilly, I think Emma might be right, that branch is starting to bend"

"Don't be ridiculous" said Percy, "I'm fine".

The branch started to bend even more & the Chilly twins saw cracks appearing at the foot of the tree. "Look out" they called.

"Wooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" said Percy as the tree fell over.
The tree fell right over hurling Chilly into a pile of nettles, but somehow Percy managed to hang onto the branch.

Chilly was not hurt - well he's a snowman you see.

"Phew" said Percy - "at least I didn't fall into the nettles - I hate nettles".

Just as he stopped talking, the branch he was clinging to gave way & he landed headfirst in a load of stinging nettles !
Luckily, who should just be passing by and stopping for a refreshing drink at the well was none other than the International Surgeon and Nettle specialist Fred E. Bear, together with his young assistant Sebastian.

"Help, Help" cried the little Chilli twin, "our Uncle Percy has fallen out of a tree" - Please help us"
As Percy lay moaning, Uncle Chilly and the Chilli twins dragged him up the path from the fallen tree towards where the International Surgeon and Nettle specialist Fred E. Bear and his young assistant Sebastian had quickly set up a mobile field clinic.
Quickly taking a series of X-Rays with their portable machine, Fred E. Bear , with the help of his young assistant Sebastian, was quickly able to study the images and reach a diagnosis.

"We need Doc leaves" - he suddenly announced.
The Chilly twins quickly located the Doc leaves - they always grow near nettles you know - and under the strict supervision of the International Surgeon and Nettle specialist Fred E. Bear and his young assistant Sebastian, they all helped to soothe the stings.

"Don't say I didn't warn you" said Emma Bear who was helping

"Oh shut your face" said Percy

What a very rude Bear he is !
In all the excitement, the little plane had become dislodged and landed on the grass where the twins were very happy to find it !
"OUCH - Waaaaaahhhhhhhh", said Percy

So the moral of the story is of course to:

a) Always listen to your aunt Emma 
b) Don't plant nettles where you are likely to fall on them
c) & don't climb trees if your head is wider than your body

Good night ! 
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