As you may have read on the News page we  purchased a small number of water drinkers to see how the animals would get on with them. Ensuring everyone has fresh clean water all day long is a challenge especially since Olga and Marinka particularly enjoy knocking their buckets over every 5 minutes - they had a very large bucket which took 6 ordinary buckets to fill - so you can imagine the extra work this was causing on a daily basis.

We were very worried that they would simply pull the drinker off the wall and since it was plumbed in, we were fearful of waking up to find a flood ! - However they have been as good as gold with it & two weeks following instalation it is still working perfectly !
Olga, checks the level of the water regularly during the day !

See how she has grown, by clicking on her name above
Due to the success of the drinker, we are trying to raise funds to fit out as many stables as possible with these devices as they really are excellent things and with so many animals stabled during the Winter months it is one of those things that really makes a difference.

A drinker like the one above is £28 + about £20 for the fittings, as each needs to have a stop valve fitted above to cut the supply to each trough (regulations) and these are £13 !

If you want to help with this campaign - please e mail me.
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Big "Thank You's" to Val & Andi for your generous donations to this campaign !!