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30th September - New Status

I am now a qualified "Picker upper". Eh? what is she on-about I hear you ask.
Last week a friend told me that If I were to go to the New Spitalfields market early in the morning I would be able to collect fruit & veg for the animals free of charge.

I thought I had better check this out & so very early on Saturday morning I went to have a look. It was just as had been promised - the traders disgard any fruit & veg that is not good enough for the shops - i.e. if the bananas are slightly brown they are thrown away !

I spoke to an inspector there & he told me that it was an absolute crime the amount of stuff that gets wasted. He was very helpful & gave me lots of advice.

I filled the car with, pears, bananas, grapes, mellons, & nectarines that frankly I have bought worse in shops !! The Pigs gorged the lot by Sunday night ! - they absolutely loved it.

The major downside was that it took me 4 hours door to door which is a major chunk of the day when you have 200 animals to see to when you get home. With old dogs & cats in the house needing frequent letting in & out... well you can imagine what happens when you nip out for a few hours - which is why I normally dont !!

So ! what to do? Well I did think though that if there is anyone reading this who may have time on their hands and would like to help the animals here at the sanctuary it would be a trememdous help to me if they were able to call in at New Spitalfields in the mornings to collect some food.

The journey from the sanctuary to the market & back is about 100 miles - which is a long way & takes quite a time - However, my partner works in Brentwood which is only about 15 miles from the market. It isn't practical for him to drive to the market before work, as the food for collection isn't really available before about 8:30 am and given say half an hour to look round and load - well he wouldn't make it back to Brentwood for about 10 O'clock - let alone when he starts at 9 O'clock

However I thought that if there was anyone who lived in either the Brentwood or New Spitalfields area that wanted to help me in this way, you could collect the food at say 9 am & drop it off in Brentwood at your convenience later in the day.

Clearly some careful planning would be required & even if it was say once a month it would be a fantastic help to me and the rescued animals.

If this is of interest to you or perhaps you know someone who might like to help me in the way, please send me a mail from the link at the top of the page

You also get to be known as a "picker-upper" by the folk of the market - there isn't a badge though....

27th - New arrivals

Two more goats & another Goose arrived today. The Goats are not full size ones, but not miniatures either. I will post their pictures as soon as I get a chance ! The Goose is white & I am hoping that she will be accepted by the existing Goosey gang.

I will keep you posted on this & get their pictures on line asap.

If you are not already a member of the sanctuary and would like to help me help the rescued animals, please send me a mail on the above link - Thank you

22nd - Bear update (see below or click on bear rescue button above)

Thank you to the people who have pledged funding for this project - As soon as I have enough funding my contacts in Moscow will start the negotiations - I will advise you individually by e mail of the progress - it will not be a quick project however. Thanks again.

20th September - Tinker passes on

Tinker was one of the little rabbits I looked after & he went to sleep last night. I have had Tinker for over 8 years & I don't know how old he was when I took him in - he wasn't a baby.

He was at a rabbit re-homing centre just outside Brentwood and I took him as he had been there the longest. The reason no-one took him before was that he had a torn ear (caused by a fight with a bigger Rex rabbit before he was taken for re-homing). The lady who ran the rabbit rescue said that everyone looked at him & said that he wasn't very cute with a ripped ear & so took other rabbits.

Tinker was a lovely rabbit & loved going out onto the lawn to eat his salad meals. He was quite old for a rabbit, and I knew he wasn't well. He has been on antiboitics for about a month, as he recently developed an infection. I was not prepared to have him put to sleep however as even yesterday he was still eating all his food up & whilst the animals are still wanting their dinners, I know that they still want to live.

I found him this morning asleep in his nest. It is aways a sad time when this happens

10th September - Pictures at last

I have finally managed to get a few pictures together of the most recent rescues !
Click here for the Poultry page to see a picture of Terence Trent Doveby ("look under special pages") who arrived on 2nd August. He was a baby Turtle Dove who had been fished out of a pond where he had fallen from a nest. he arrived in a shoe box!

George the Pig has moved out of his holding stable & into a new paddock area. Click here to see him

The three new cats who arrived on 13th August are now brave enough to be filmed whilst eating in their feral pen. I have put their picture on the Cats page

The third cat has been named at Piper !

The Geese taken in on 6th August can now be seen here

9th Suffolk Punch Rescue

Just as I had started the morning jobs, my Fire Fighter alerter went down & I found myself rushing to the station. There was a horse stuck in a ditch & the Fire Brigade had been called.

A Suffolk Punch called Prince had fallen into a waterlogged ditch & was unable to get out on his own. I later found out that he was ill & had poorly back legs.

I soon found that as everyone else seemed to be scared of going into the water with Prince, it was me that was trying to get a harness attached & underneath hs body. I was up to my neck in mud & once had to be violently pulled clear as Prince looked like toppling over on top of me. After 3 hours & following the arrival of a Rescue Tender which has more appropriate equipment for this type of rescue. we managed to get Prince out & into the field. He eventually got up & the other horses who had been keeping their distance ran over to him. The owner was very grateful.

I mention this just in case you are ever in the situation of caling the Fire Brigade out to a horse rescue, ask for a rescue tender, as well as the normal fire engine (or pump) as these carry specialist equipment which is needed for these types of rescues

7th September - Bear rescue

My animal friends in Moscow have sent me two very sad pictures of some ex-circus bears who are being kept in the most appalling conditions. I have posted the pictures here, but had to make them fairly large in order for you to pick out the details.  (Please wait a few moments for the pictures to load). They are being kept in very tiny travelling cages & their owner is refusing to co-operate at present as he cannot understand why anyone should be upset about animals being kept in this way.

If you want to help with this rescue, please mail me. At the end of the day the owner will sell them at the right price & we are aiming to provide the poor creatures with purpose built accomodation. Please share this pictures with anyone who you might think may be able to help financially.

6th September - Email problems

Apologies if you tried to contact me this weekend just gone, but for some reason my ISP disabled my e mail account ! I could send but not receive. It is now back on line.

5th September - Back from Moscow

I was unwell over the marathon weekend (typical) but still managed to finish in 3 hours & 6 seconds which I was very pleased with. I was the first non-russian finisher ! Thank you to everyone who sponsored me. I now have the Robin Hood Marathon to look forward to on 14th of this month.

25th August - Bess wins gardening contract

Bessy the Pig is now available for any landscape gardening projects you may wish her to undertake. Her rates are very reasonable and her workmanship of the highest quality. see here

23rd August - New Cats Named !

Eve & Emily have named two of the new cats as "Betty" & "Dora". They are still very shy, but as soon as they are bold enough to show their faces I will take their pictures.

22nd August - Molly & Tilly are naughty

Molly and her accomplace Tilly (see dogs page) have eaten all my running gear that was ready to be packed for this weekend ! Thanks guys.

20th August - More Hay !

Managed to get hold of another 200 bales of hay ! I am currently using between 12 & 18 bales a day - depending on the size of the bales -  keeping everyone happy !
Terence Trent Doveby (from below) is growing bigger and is eating food himself now.
I have just had a telephone call from Green peace in Moscow who are holding a fur protest in Red Square on Saturday the day before my marathon. They have arranged for the Russian press to interview me as an "international" protestor and there is a slim chance that it may get shown on Euronews. So if you have Satallite TV, tune in just in case you need to assist with my rescue from a Siberian salt mine for punching someone !!

14th August - Marathon

I am planning to compete in 2 Marathons in the next month or so to raise awareness for animal welfare. For details please see the marathon page. If you would like to sponsor me, or collect ponsors on my behalf for the animals, please let me know by sending a mail.

Thank you very much

13th August - 3 more cats arrive

I agreed to take in 3 more "feral" cats. They are not too wild, and have moved into a holding pen in the stables. They will stay in the pen for 6 weeks to become familiar with the surroundings before I release them tp join the main stable gang.

None of them have names, so if you would like to name one for say a min £5 donation please send me a mail. They are 3 little girls. I will take their pictures as soon as I can. They are a bit scared at the moment & are hiding in their house so it is quite hard to get a good photo of them at the moment.

6th August - Wild Goose Chase

Well actually it was a wild geese chase !

I was asked the other day if I could take 6 geese in. I went to have a look at them to see how they would be to catch, but they were not hand tame & it was clearly going to be stressful for them to run after them with nets.

So I called in an expert ! Sue Morgan who runs a Swan Rescue Centre very kindly offered to come over & catch them for me using a special device known as a Swan hook. Sue very quickly caught the little chaps & we transported them back to the sanctuary where I put them into a stable (with a bath of water for a temporary pond) so they they can calm down after their trauma & get used to all the new sounds around them (Goats and Turkey noises being the most prevelant!). Sue estimates them to be about 25 years old !! They can live to 40, but that is really very old for a Goose. Thank you Sue for all your help !

I will get their pictures posted onto the poultry pages soon

4th August - Two more Dogs

The dog tally is now up to 8, as the gang were today joined by Molly a German Shepherd & Tilly a Bassett Hound. I dont know too much about them other than they have both been together since pups & both have recently been thrown out !!

They are both "big" dogs and will take some feeding. I will get their pictures posted asap, and if you are in a position to help by sponsoring one of them I would be so very grateful

2nd August - Baby Bird Rescue

I was asked if I would take a baby bird that had been fished out of a pond by a local man. The little chap had fallen out of the nest & landed in the water & would have certainly drowned if he had not been rescued. When he arrived I saw that he was a baby turtle dove. I have had a lot of success with hand rearing orphaned pidgeons & doves, but Turtle doves are a little different & seem to suffer from shock & trauma more easily.

He has all his feathers but is very small. I have called him Terence Trent Doveby and he is currently living in a small cage inside the aviary used by Mrs Chicken & Percy & Bertie Bassset Doves (both previous rescues).

I am feeding him about 8/9 times a day and touch wood after 3 days here he is doing well. He will be too tame to release here when he is older & I think he will prefer to live with Bertie, Percy & Mrs Chicken. Mrs Chicken lays eggs which the two doves & her take turns to sit on

1st August - William Littlegoat has his Op

William the goat who arrived last week has been seen by the vet and has had his operation to neuter him. The operation was a success and William although clearly a bit sore is recovering well. He would welcome any messages from well wishers !

28th July - Amelie, Jayne, Claudia & Matilda Pigs

These 4 Great White Pigs are all now sleeping together inside the Pig Arc. Amelie has been fully accepted as one of the gang. This is tremendous news.

26th July - Now I've been Shot too

Having been run over last Thursday, I went out on Sunday to have a break for a few hours. No sooner had I got out of the car, another car pulled up, music blaring, a youth leaned out of the window aiming a gun at me. He fired & hit my foot.

It was an air gun, & he was aiming for my already bandaged foot. Could have easily blinded me if the bullet had gone astray, They laughed & drove off. I wasn't very happy. I managed to get the number plate & then spent the next hour with the Police giving a statement.

I think I'll just stay in forever now.

25th July - Another Goat

I was asked to take a male goat who had turned up in someones garden. I am already full as regular readers will know only too well. However I agreed to take him. I understand that all other avenues had been explored & a large animal charity had suggested to the lady who found the Goat that she take him to the abottoir - nice !

I was also told that a "Goat expert" had had a look at him & confirmed that he had been castrated so there should be no problems with gradually introducing him to the other Goats. "Entire" goats can be problematic, as they are obsessed with their... well you know, and also have a particular how can I say ..."aroma".

When he arrived, I couldn't help noticing the fact that he was obviously very entire - I won't go into the graphic details, but - well you know what an entire dog looks like - this is about 3 times the size !!

I cannot imagine what led the Goat expert to think he had been castrated. I mean it's not rocket science is it !!

I have called him William Littlegoat. I will get his picture soon onto the Goats Page

24th July - Run over

Yes, today I was run over whilst out on a training run ! A van was coming towards me & also one coming up behind. travelling too fast to stop, the van coming at me swerved to miss the rather harder target of the other van, choosing instead to hit me.

I have badly hurt my leg & my arm & the side of my body is badly scratched where I was pushed into the thorny hedge. I must have been dazed as I continued to run, but only when I stopped when I got home did I start to feel the pain from the injuries.

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