This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
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You can be a friend to Mutley from as little as £2 per month & you can come & visit them on the Open Days.

All of the Dogs here have been through some sort of trauma, and we try to ensure that they have a lovely retirement for the Winter months of their lives

Please help me help them
Here is Mutley who arrived in March 2007

He was a bit shy at first but is a passive dog and has settled in with all the others.

Simon the Bull Mastiff X Great Dane is always the potential 'issue' when a new dog arrives as he is so big and the last thing I need is a "set to". This is why it is essential I can only take the passive & netuered "oldies" a bill which Mr Mutley fits like a glove.
Mutley has moved in with the 'Yard gang' who sleep in the utility room. He is getting on well & now taking treats. They are usually a bit nervous at first & not sure whether to take the "treat" - but that soon passes

He is best friends with Teddy the White German Shepherd & they both like to play together in the yard

Mutley has developed some special talents. He has learned how to jump - in fact he can jump right over a standard child gate ! He also jumped the yard gate to get into the front garden when some of the cats live in an old cattery which is kept "open" (They just have it as a base & somewhere to sleep if it is cold). We found Mutley enjoying their food one day & his "secret" was discovered. A higher fence has solved the problem.