Marathon Running

Next Marathon - Geneva - 9th May 2010

April 26th - London !! - see here for details

2nd July - Next Marathon is Berlin on 30th Sept 2007
Following my win at Halstead, I have been invited to run in the elite race at Amsterdam, New York & Berlin ! Clearly I am unable to race them all! so have had to choose one. I have selected Berlin as I ran there last year and know the course.

For the 1st time I will not be running wearing a number, instead my vest will say "OAKES"

I will again be running for the Vegan Runners club & if you would like to sponsor me, please do send me a mail or pledge sponsorship here Thank You !

13th May 2007 Essex Championships - Halstead

In less than ideal conditions Fiona stormed the race to take 1st place & smash over 10 minutes from the previous course record (set last year), taking it to 2 hours 58 minutes odd.

Stunned rece organisers said - "I'm lost for words. When I saw your winning time of 2:58:22 I was stunned that someone had taken over 10 mins off of our course record (which previously stood at 3:09:04). I don't know what to say, you achieved that and yet are battling a collapsed lung and have both kneecaps removed- unbelievable.”

Click here to see Fiona recieving her trophy from the Mayor

24th September - Berlin Marathon - please mail me if you want to sponsor me - thank you !! - or see here

I am currently running over 100 miles per week in training for this race - this week (13th Aug) I have run 130 miles including a 30 miler today in 3 hours !

Here I am before setting off on today's training session !  UPDATE - 17th place in 2 hours 56 - race report here

23rd April 2006 - London - see here for Sponsorship

Result - 22nd place in 2 hours 51 minutes - see race report here

16th October 2005 - Amsterdam - Came 9th !

Please see here

17th April '05- London Marathon - pictures here

I came 30th in the Women's race in a time of 2 hours 49. I was very happy with my result as the timing of London for me is all wrong. It means that all my training has to be done in the Winter & clearly the animal work is very very hard as it means that I am outside in all weathers looking after, feeding & mucking out & having to fit 80-100 miles of hard training in every week since late November !! (six sessions a week).

Many thanks to all who sponsored me, it is much appreciated.

100% of all sponsorships, as with all donations, goes towards the costs of feeding the 260 rescued animals.

Please make all cheques payable to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary & the address is:

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

Thank you - Fiona

28th Nov '04 - Florence Marathon - Pictures here

I came 5th in this race in a time of 2hrs 49 minutes odd. I was very pleased with my result as I was running with a burst blister from 10K !  Also I had to start behind the "elite" runners who were abel to keep warm in their hotel until the last minute wheras I had to wait with the crowd freezing away for about 40 minutes before the race started. 

17th Oct 2004 - Tiptree Ten Miler

I competed in this race today & came first !

The next marathon I will compete in will be Florence at the end of November - If anyone would like to sponsor me for the animals I would be very grateful. Please mail me on the above link

London Marathon - April 2004

I am aiming to compete in the London Marathon this year, and have an elite place in the race. I am hoping to raise much needed funds for the Sanctuary here and also in Moscow.

If you would like to support me through direct sponsorship, or if you would like to collect sponsorships on my behalf I would be very grateful. I have a sponsorship form which I can email you if this is something you would like to do to help the animals

I came 62nd in 2 hours 59 mins !!

Florence Marathon 23rd November '03

I came 16th in the womens race & there were over 10,000 runners altogether !

Moscow Marathon Sunday 30th August

In spite of being run over whilst training for this & then shot by youths with an air gun the following Sunday I am still hoping to compete in the Moscow Marathon ! My animal rescue contacts in Moscow have arranged for me to be interviewed on Russian TV to talk about my beliefs & the small sanctuary I look after in Moscow.

If you would like to sponsor me for the race or collect sponsors on my behalf that would be fantastic. Please e mail me on the link above if this something you would like to do.

I am back ! finished in just over 3 hours, First non Rusian home ! I am very pleased with this time as I was ill in bed all day on the Saturday - typical.

I was interviewed by several Russian TV & Radio stations as they were keen to understand how a Vegan could perform in endurance sports. I think I made my point !!

On the Russian Sanctuary side, please check out the latest news re the poor bears. Please help if you can.

Robin Hood Marathon, Sunday 14th September

Another marathon 2 weeks on from the Moscow marathon? Am I mad? - no, don't answer that !

This marathon is in Nottingham and again I will be running to raise awareness for animal rights & also of course to demonstrate that Vegans are not weakings !!!

If you would like to sponsor me, or collect sponsorships on my behalf, again I would be very appreciative of your support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via the link above.

I came 13th in this race which I was pleased with as I was still very tired from the previous marathon 2 weeks earlier.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me.

100% of all sponsorships goes to help pay for the cost of feeding the rescued animals.

Thank you very much,


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