Major is a beautiful white Shire horse who came to live at the Sanctuary in April this year. At over 18 hands high he is a big lad !

OK I admit it wasn't actually a mouse that startled him, but it was a good headline ! hehe - what actually happened was that, he was, as he is every morning, very keen to get out of his stable & get down to his turnout area when he gets his carrots. Unfortunately on this particular morning he made his way down there as usual, only with one slight minor alteration to his usual precise & military schedule - yes, normally he waits for me to open the door ! - the carrots were just too sweet today & he couldn't be fussed with all that fiddling about with latches & kick over bolts - he just decided to walk straight out. Oh dear.

This was the scene of the crime
When a Shire Horse puts it's shoulder to anything there isn't much that won't give way ! I have seen a Shire take a brick wall down by leaning through a stable window !

This was a crisis ! With all the normal daily tasks and what with the open day tomorrow I was just not going to have time to sort this out myself.

There was no other course of action. I had to call in an expert. Yes, Fred E Bear and his young assistant Sebastian. See here
Fred E Bear & his young assistant Sebastian arrived shortly.

After an inspection of the damage and several cups of tea, they quickly unloaded their tool box and set to work on fixing the door and reinforcing it with strong plywood

See here

Fred E Bear & his young assistant Sebastian cut lengths of three quarter inch ply to strengthen the door.

Fred E Bear always wears his safety goggles when working with power tools. His young assistant Sebastian is still saving up for his as Fred pays well below the minimum wage.

See the finished door here

Fred E Bear & his young assistant Sebastian have completed the new door. It is much heavier that it was before and they have had to secure the hinges to the frame with 8mm studding (bolted right through) which you can just see in the bottom left of the picture.

They have also increased the height of the door in an attempt to stop Major getting his shoulder to it so easily !

Thank you Fred E Bear & also your young assistant Sebastian for a job well done !