Animal Aid
The Alex Poulos Site
Animal Friends Insurance
Vegan Village
Vocal Cafe
Fern Tor - Vegan/Veggie Guest House
Headrock Dogs
Cards by DoodleBug
Ethical Singles
Cornwall's Voice for Animals
Black Velvet Independent Rock Zine
Normalynn - Hand Made Products
Cool Vegan
Captive Animals Protection Society
Vegan Family House
Countryside Directory
Korea Animal Protection Society
Animal Samaritans
Animals in Distress Sanctuaries
Planet Veggie
Veg Design
Parsley Soup
The Green Terrace B & B (Crete)
Wetnose Animal Campaign
Gladwells Feeds
Freshfields Animal Sanctuary
Trallwn Farm
Your Door to Russia
Equine Help

Farmrite - This company supplies our water troughs and other agricultural equipment and sent us two donations !

These web sites have included a link to this site for which I am very grateful.
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Cornwall's Voice for Animals
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