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This page was last updated on: October 28, 2012
Here is a picture of Lily who has been starved & kept in a cupboard

You can see how thin the poor thing is
Please Help Us
Please Help Us !
Below Lily meets Looby Loo & Blind Lassie (by her back legs)
In this one you can see how her back bone stands out
Finally a shot without the flash, shows her settling down by the side of Fiona's bed !
At Fiona's pillow tonight we have Violet the French Mastiff & Cassie the German Shepard is also in here this evening too !

It is so hard for Fiona to say no to these needy animals, as she knows that if she does, they will die - that day.

Please do consider a donation to help Fiona with her feed costs - remember that 100% of your donations will go towards the feed bills - saving animals is not Fiona's job, she gets no money for doing this & no expenses.

Finding over £5300 a month is very hard to do month on month as I am sure you can imagine & we continue to run 1 or 2 thousand short each month.

It really wouldn't take many people to join to make all the difference to the Sanctuary, so please do have a read of the detail at the link below & about how else you might be able to help !

Thank you from Lily & and all the other rescues
Lily & Martin updating the website !
Just over 2 months later & here are a few pictures of Lily - She wont be still for a minute, so good pictures are tough to get !

Below she is sparring with Hector
Hopefully you can see how much condition & weight she has gained from the horrible state she was in on arrival !

In this shot Lily has Hector in a "Half Lily"
In this shot, she has Hector in a "Full Lily" with Charlotte the 3 legged Staffie on stand-by