This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
Katie travelled down with Sam, and has settled in with all the other dogs.

She is very sweet and likes a lot of attention. I don't think she can believe where she is, she keeps looking about like she thinks someone is going to come & put her back in the pound. Poor Katie.

She is about 12 years old

Katie doesn't have any sponsors, so if you would like to be her first one please sendme a mail.

You can join the Sanctuary from as little as £2 per month & every penny will go towards the feed costs.

Thank you - woof woof !
Katie is also known as 'Strong Dog'. Why? well, she is just incredibly strong ! We don't know where her fear comes from, but when she is scared she is able to push through a typical child gate & has even been known to break the bars (metal) on one.  What makes her scared? - well we didn't realise she had a problem at first, but the first time there was a thunder storm she went completely mad. She rips up the carpet, chews the door frames & hides in the corner of a room. It is therefore essential that when there is a storm one of us is with her, as she needs to have lots of comfort at these times. Someone told us that Collie Dogs are susceptible to changes in the air pressure caused by the storms, but she only really gets bad when there is thunder.

Also during November the bangs produce a similar effect. The horses go mad too - many a year we have had to stand with the horses long into the night whilst the bangs go off, comforting them until the noise dies down. Why they have to make them so loud & why people have to let them off next to an Animal Sanctuary is beyond me

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