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International Projects
Dog Pound Travesty in Turkey

There is a policy in Istanbul to round up stray dogs, neuter them & then return them to where they were found in an attempt to control the feral population. Whilst this all sounds laudable, the reality is far from this. The company running the pounds are actually more interested in making pounds (£) and the dogs are staving.

Click here to see a video of what's happening

This issue has been brought to my attention by Linda Taal who I have been working with to help her rescue work in Turkey. Linda works out of the Netherlands to support the work of The Stray Dogs Campaign Foundation whose website is here

If you are interested in helping with the Turkey campaign, please let me know or feel free to contact Linda directly at

Murder of Dogs in St Petersburg

I have been asked by my friend Marina Ermakova of the Baltic Animal Care Animal Rights Organisation to help highlight the appalling treatment of the stray dogs in St Petersburg. The authorities are rounding up dogs - even pets out for a walk and killing them with a drug called dithylinum which is banned in all civilized countries. It caused death by asphyxiation - an agony taking up to an hour.

Details of who & where to protest to are here  

This lovely dog was out for a walk with her owner Svetlana - she was killed by the authorities
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You can contact Marina by e mail here: