Here are the new hutches as kindly donated and assembled by Karen & Andy

This one has a large downstairs arrangement and will be perfect for situating on the lawn during the Summer.

GP moved into this hutch soon after it was finished. The downstairs ramp is closed in this shot. GP was asleep when this was taken & so is in bed.
This luxury hutch again features two storey's with a downstairs dining area. The masterbedroom is ensuite and offers 24 hour drinking facilities.

Soon after it's assembly, Dave the GP make an offer at the asking price and had moved in within 24 hours. He was already in a very large hutch with high ceilings, and so made his old home available to Benjamin the rabbit who arrived in a hutch last November which, whilst a hutch sold for a rabbit, was not really high enough as they need to have room to stand up & hop about.
Dave too was asleep, & so was in bed at the time this picture was taken  !

Neither Dave nor GP have any sponsors, so if you would like to be their sponsor to help towards their feed costs, please do let me know.

Thank you !
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