This is the bit that goes onto the tap. After continual plugging & unplugging they tend to split & therefore leak
This is the bit that goes onto the end of the hosepipe & plugs into the bit above. Again after continual use they can develop cracks & leak
This is a very useful bit for joining two hoses together. Where I have hopepipes feeding the troughs in the paddocks, the hosepipes themselves can spring leaks after a while. Instead of replacing the whole hose I can cut out the damaged section & join the two parts together with one of these
Below are the pieces most in need - but click HERE to see what Hozelock sent us for FREE !
Look at all those hose adaptors !! + 2 x 50m ultra tough hoses.

Felix & Chloe check them out

If you have time, please drop a line to Hozelock to thank them for helping us - we have clearly done so already