June 2011 - update
Please Help Us !
Please Help Us !
Another busy weekend at the Sanctuary & todays extra tasks (on top of the usual day to day jobs) was sheep shearing!

I started this a few weeks ago & do a few sheep at each "siting". I have done all the small sheep, but the big ones like Homer, Billy, Felicity & Stephanie are more than a match for me alone ! - So I enlisted the help of my friend Ian from work who came over on Sunday to "assist"

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Here is Stephanie in her "before" shot
(Stephanie is on the right)

Here she is in the "after"

That feels better !!!
Here, Homer, Stephanie and one of the Southdown sheep (Alice) enjoy a bucket of sheep feed after their "ordeal"

They never get used to this - most are pretty calm about it once caught, but Stephanie managed to kick both mine & Ian's knees quite painfully - which wasn't exactly what we had in mind !
Meanwhile, the Loch Lomond Pigs made the most of the the warm weather !
As did Pegasus, as he searched for a particular piece of grass !
In the Long Field, the horses took to sheltering beneath an Oak tree
Bunnybabe, Major & Ashibka
Over at the Tillingham field some serious grazing was going down

If you would like to help us with the feed costs of these rescued animals, please do get in touch - you can sponsor a rescue from as little as £1 a month & all your money goes towards the feed costs !

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