Here is Herbie who is a miniature Shetland. Herbie arrived in April '05 and came all the way from Stafford (200 miles) as nowhere else could be found to take him in.

Herbie has a problem with one of his back legs & walks with a bit of a limp. There is a problem with his hip & his leg is prone to dislocate
To give you a better idea of how big Herbie isn't, here he is with me & Maddie !

Herbie is a Colt which means he has not been castrated. In order to integrate him with the other small horses living at the Sanctuary this will have to be sorted out, as clearly we do not want to breed any animals as there are more than enough looking for homes as it is!
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...if you would like to sponsor Herbie for yourself or as a present for someone else & I will mail you a form - Thank you

There is also a pretty cool Herbie design mug, a picture of which I will post as soon as I can. It is priced the same as all Sanctuary mugs @ £10 & features the picture of Herbie at the top of this page three times round the mug - again please mail me if you would like to order one
Here is DJ who arrived at the Sanctuary at the end of October '05.

DJ is a very pretty horse but he has a condition known as 'kissing spine'. This is a condition whereby the vertabrae touch each other if weight is applied to the back causing painful spasms. It is usually caused as a result of the animal being ridden by people who are far too heavy for the animal.

DJ has no reason to worry now as he will never have to carry anything on his back again, he was a little nervous at first but has settled down with his next door stable neighbour - Charity

DJ arrives - October 2005
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William arrives - December 2006
Here is William, moments after arriving on the evening of 10th December.

He is about 20, although his passport doesn't record a DOB.

He is very sweet and really enjoyed his bucket of food and carrots.

He was facing being shot as his owner didn't want him anymore - who wants an old Horse afterall?
If you would like to help us with the cost of caring for William, please send me a message.

It doesn't have to be much on a monthly basis, but every penny will go towards his feed and care in retirement
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