Dolly the Shire

Dolly (foreground) is about 26 years old. She had been used as a brood mare year after year until internal problems prevented her from being put into foal again. (i.e. as soon as she stopped being a nice little earner she was out). She is now happily retired at the sanctuary.
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I currently care for 36 Horses - Hold the mouse over their pictures to see their names and click them to read their stories  - (Some of the Horses stories are on another page, if you select one of those a new window will open up) - Bunty, Kosma, Mini-Max & Angel plus the others will feature here shortly !)
Poppy & Gwilliam

These two little ponies were left behind by the previous owners when we moved in some 8 years ago now. They are both very naughty but Gwilliam had a bad accident with a fence post before we moved here & he has a large scar on his flank. He was featured on a Vets TV program at the time as the operation was carried out in the field.

Pan arrived in June '04. He is a elderly gentleman of some 27 years & has a small tumour on his flank which you can just make out in this picture just in front of his nearside hind leg. This was Pan on the day he arrived

Here he is one month later. I have put him onto a special diet and I think you can see that he has put a little weight on. His teeth are quite bad and he consequently drops quite a bit of the food he eats - so I make sure he has plenty more than he needs to. At his time of life I think it is more appropriate to do this than to traumatise him with an operation.

July 2005 we finally got rid of his tumor ! The vet advised to cut its blood supply off by tying thread around where it was connected to Pan's flank. This we did & it slowly went black & fell off - result !

Sadly Pan passed away in April '06. He is sorely missed

Holly arrived earlier this year & is an elderly horse whose owner has acquired a "faster one" - so Holly was going to be shot.

Holly has settled in with the elderly horses gang & is out in the fields now. She is good friends with Babushka the rescued New Forest Pony

Click here to see some more pictures of Holly on the day she arrived
Babushka & Annastasia

Babushka and her foal Annastasia were rounded up as part of the annual horse sales of ponies living in the New Forest. They were destined to go to Europe to satisfy the demand for horse flesh there but were saved at the last minute & found their way to me.

When Babushka arrived she was in a real state, I have never in my life seen so many worms come out of a horse after I administered the worming tablets. Babushka's gut is so badly damaged that she will never gain full condition, fortunately her Foal Annastasia was so young the worms in her had not done as much damage

Bo (or Bo Diddley as he prefers to be called)

Bo was rescued in poor condition about 4 years ago.

Once he gained weight he became more & more boisterous until this year he bacame un-managable. A blood test revealed that although he had been castrated, he was a Rig - which is where one testicle remains inside his body & he was in fact a stallion !

No wonder he was a handful ! He had never been mixed with the others as he was far too aggressive & this was of course why.

In June this year ('04) Bo had a successful operation to correct the problem & here is a picture of him in July.

In 3 months time his testosterone levels will have subsided & he will be integrated with the other youngesters - all being well


Max is a 25 year old Welsh Cob who I have looked after for about 15 years. He was being used as a general hack (a riding horse) but was becoming to difficult as he didn't like the idea of being ridden & specialised in going backwards at high speed.

No more riding for Max as he has been happily retired for many years now. He is more comfortable in the presence of Cows rather than other horses and he tends to stay with them all the time - He is actually their leader.

He is also a very greedy Horse and always after treats, but he gets away with it !

Skipio is one of the elderly horses. He is about 28 years old & is best friends with Dolly the Shire.

They can always be found together when out in the fields and they are stabled next to each other during the Winter & when the weather is too bad to be out

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