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There are 14 Geese living at the Sanctuary. The latest arrivals came on 10th December, a pair of Toulouse Geese. you can see them here

The 1st Geese arrived in August  of 2003 I was asked to take in 6 !

The Geese were living together, but were not tame therefore catching them was going to be a problem. Fortunately a lady called Sue Morgan who runs the Swan Rescue centre near Maldon came to my help and quickly caught them using a specialist piece of equipment called a swan hook.

The Geese were transported to Tower Hill where they were put into a holding stable until they become used to the new surroundings & other animal noises!

Sue estimates that they are about 25years old !

Here are 5 of them in their stable (the door is now left open, but they are very nervous about coming out just yet !)

The other Geese have been taken in when their previous owners no longer wanted them.
I was later asked to take another Goose (Lucy) from a local woman who didn't want her anymore - together with the Goats called Peas & Gravy (not my names). The lady was desperate to find a home for the three of them as the field she was renting was no longer available
Here is Goosey Lucy on the Lawn
Here are the latest rescues. They are spending their 1st night here separate from the main gang, so they can get used to the new surroundings.

Tomorrow they will go out & meet the other geese on the lawn - or rather what's left of the lawn !

If you would like to help through sponsoring any of the rescued Geese, please let me know by sending me a mail

Thank you very much
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