This is what the Gates looked like when they were New !
This Gate has been sympathetically "adjusted" by Bunny Babe & Peanut to blend sensitively into it's surroundings
The full trail of devastation can be seen as we look longways along the length of the Gates.

The cause is the Horses leaning on the gates to reach any food on the floor on the "other" side of the gate.

The fact that they already have their own food on their side seems to make no difference whatsoever !
Bunny Babe shows off some of his best work.

The rails have been nibbled & posts bent from their mountings with all the precision you would expect from the finest in Swiss craftmanship

All my own work - BB
We are going to have to buy some stronger gates & whereas these gates were about £50 each, we need to spend about £100 each on more substabtial ones. There are about 5 that need to be replaced as a matter or urgency & therefore we need to raise about £500. If you would like to help with this appeal, please contact me by e mail - Thank you very much
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Two New Gates!

Here are 2 of the new gates that have been fitted. Peanut is just testing their strength with her 'leaning over the gate' technique, and they gates are holding up just fine. They are much stronger than the old ones !

We hope to fit the others this Easter weekend - thanks again for your help

October 2007

We still need more gates as some of the older type gates have also started to bend out of shape, & so for safety purposes we would like to replace them with the new stronger ones as illustrated above. There are about 4 gates that need to be replaced at a cost of about £400
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