If you prefer to send a cheque, please make it payable to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary & we are on Tillingham Road, Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ - please mark the back "MdS"

For Bank Transfers (£ only)

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Thank you !

You can join the Sanctuary from as little as £1 a month ! - There are 307 members at present who help by donating on a monthly basis either by Standing Order for people with UK bank accounts or by Paypal regular donations ideal for those outside the UK

Here is the page with the details if you are interested - 100% of members donations go towards the feed costs with nothing deducted for admin or any other expense :)

Join with STANDING ORDER (UK bank accounts only)

Join with regular PayPal donation - (as long as PayPal works in your Country)

Fund Raising Status !

If you are overseas to the UK and usually use Paypal to transfer money abroad you might want to look at this website (transferwise) to transfer your donations.

When you use Paypal you will pay about 5% on the exchange rate and the Sanctuary also has to pay a few % in commission to receive the funds.

The transferwise website has been created by the people who created paypal originally and Skype and it basically cuts the banks out of the loop using a mid market rate to exchange currencies & they only charge a very small fee

As an example, someone recently donated 100 Euros to the animals & we received £74.47
had this have been done via Transferwise instead of Paypal the Sanctuary would have received £81.50 and the sender would have paid £1 fee.

Clearly this is entirely up to you - we are grateful for all help, but we thought we would bring this fantastic new service to your attention - particularly if you like the feeling of cutting the fat cats out the loop !
There have been a number of different fund raising initiatives in the past few months, so we thought we would pull them all together and summarise what has been raised from each initiative so far.
The Boiler Fund ! - aiming to raise £1000 to get a new boiler for Fiona and Martin as they have been managing without one for 3 years now.

Raised so far £500
Claire Abbey is running Thames Path 100 in May!

Raised so far £360*
Suzie Frost is running a series of half marathons !

Raised so far £10*
The Stables appeal has seen three new stables, a new muck area and new school area and is seeking to raise £20,000 !

Raised so far £7,472
The Sleeper appeal is seeking to raise £1188 (to pay for 66 railway sleepers) and is part of the Stables Appeal above

Raised so far £216
And now... the big one...

...Off to the Sahara Desert Percy Bear and Fiona leave on 5th April

Ahead of them lay over 150 miles of desert terrain with temperatures soaring to over 50 degrees in the day and falling to freezing at night.

Fiona will have to carry all her food and supplies (and Percy's supplies) on her back for the six days of this hell including one 50+ mile night stage.

Fiona is doing this to show that the human body can not only survive without meat and dairy products, but can perform well in extreme conditions

The race is not cheap to enter, some £3,650 which will be paid for from funds provided to the Fiona Oakes Foundation with the specific remit of vegan outreach - the aim is to show as many people as possible what Fiona can do and help spread her cruelty free message far and wide.

Fiona wants to raise funds for the animals ! - please help :)
Tony Pitt is running a marathon a month this year dressed as a Cow !

Raised so far £20*
To donate to the Fiona Oakes Foundation to help with Fiona's outreach activities, please use this button

Or send a cheque payable to the Fiona Oakes Foundation to the Fiona at Tower Hill Stables, Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ

See HERE for more details :)
* these totals may not include what the athletes have collected themselves, as these figures are based on the paypal donations collected from Fiona's websites