December Snows 2005
One of the main problems with this weather is the frozen water pipes. I try & fill as many black plastic bins & buckets with water whenever I suspect that it is going to freeze, but unless the water pipes unfreeze during the day I have to resort to carrying water buckets to the various field troughs as clearly the animals must have fresh water every day.
Here you can see Percy (background) together with his two young nieces Nadia & Dinara (not really related!) enjoying their sack of short feed. They have a lovely Pig Arc to sleep in which has a wooden floor & plenty of soft hay to sleep on.
Here is Percy on his own, you can see his house in the background. At first he wouldn't let Nadia & Dinara in it - but after a few weeks they were all snuggling together. Don't worry, it was hot weather when they were 'introduced', so sleeping outside was not a problem - in fact in the Summer they often sleep under the stars.

Only a few of the Chickens braved the icy conditions this morning!

Note the chap in the middle of the picture covered in snow is not a real chicken ! He is one of four chicken 'dolls' on sticks dotted around the chicken area. These are there to help children who visit the Sanctuary make the connection between cuddly toys & the real thing.
The 'Snow Geese' out on daily patrol
The Sheep and some of the Goats tuck into their breakfast !

They have quite a large area to roam in and a house to go in when they want to.

Their water was frozen solid today !
The 8 youngsters are wintering out in the school. They have all grown thick winter coats & manage to chomp their way through 4 - 5 bales of hay + carrots and shortfeed every day

By the way we use 70 sacks of carrots a week ! Christmas we had 2 weeks delivered at one go so if you ever wondered what 140 sacks of carrots look like....
In the background you can just make out Dolly's head & in front of her the White horse is Kolyada & the Brown one is Peanut.

In front of them in the next 'area' is Max (the White Horse) and the Cow gang.

In front of them are the Shetlands !
I would just like to say a big 'Thank You' to all the Sanctuary members and supporters without whose help I would not be able to look after and care for this many rescued animals.

If you are not already a member of the Sanctuary and would like to help the rescued animals here, please send me a mail or have a look at the ways you can help here

As I say elsewhere on the website, every single penny in donations received goes directly towards the costs of feeding the animals; I take no income and there are no staff or helpers to pay.

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