Feral Cats
Primrose came to me after her owners moved house leaving her in a terrible condition. She was found actually having a litter on the pavement outside the house where she used to live. Sadly none of the kittens survived but Primrose did. She had to have an operation to remove her tail as it was infected, and also to be spayed, but is now happily roaming about the yard with her new friends.
Several of the feral's came from a rubbish tip at Bow in London. The local authority was about to have them all destroyed, but the Celia Hammond Trust spent a long time trapping them all. A few are pictured below. Most of these cats will not let you stroke them, but as the months go by some of them begin to trust you to the point that you can scratch their heads, but never attempt to pick one up unless you are wearing body armor & gauntlets!!
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
Primrose relaxes on some hay
Arthur - tragically run over on 30th Oct 2004. One of the loveliest cats you would ever have met
Please help me to care for them all
Isis - after 5 months of hiding is now venturing out in daylight
...well OK dusk then
Feeding time for a few of the ferals
Smokey & Budgie snuggle in the hay - Budgie came to me as un-homable as he only has one eye (traffic accident)
White Cat, Marie & Arthur demonstrate how easy it is to fit three cats on one cat bed
Little Miss Tiny
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Please help us
It's nearly tea time !
Piper, Dora & Betty arrived on 13th August '03. They will stay in this feral pen for six weeks so that they become used to the surroundings. Then they will be released to integrate with the rest of the gang!

Minki Cat arrived at the Sanctuary towards the end of last year and she lived in a feral pen for about 6 weeks before being released down the stables. She has settled in very well and here you can see her enjoying some February sunshine whilst holding an important conference with some of the Chickens & Mrs Turkey
Minki used to live in Southend, but her owner didn't want her any more.

She is a lovely Cat and is very friendly, she is really enjoying living in her new surroundings. If you would like to sponsor her, please mail send me an e mail.

Update February '05

Here is Dora 18 months later with White Cat. Betty spends most of her time in the Feed Store & Piper has turned out to be a very long haired cat ! & spends a lot of time in the Yard area & she sleeps in the Workshop
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February 2008 - Primrose and one of her kittens (Meekie) snuggle in some hay. Primrose and her small 3 kittens arrived late in 2007. (all now neutered - obviously)