February 2005 Snow Pictures
Amelie the Pig is out for an early morning grub in the snow. Amelie has been at the Sanctuary for a few years now, she escaped from an abattoir in Brentwood and after a series of adventures she came to stay here - full story here
Baart, Homer, Felicity & Stephanie Sheep tuck into some fresh Hay they have just stumbled across along with Betsy Goat & the Likely Lads, Bob & Terry
Percy Pig waits patiently for his breakfast outside his condominium
Sam & his family enjoy their breakfast outside their apartment which they have recently smashed the front off of. Rest assured that it was nailed back into place just after this picture was taken
Left to Right, Arabesque, Flossie & Pegasus wait patiently for their shortfeed and carrots

Bod the Cat was just getting ready to go outside into the snow to have his picture taken as he posed ruggedly battling against the elements when he remembered that he never took the clocks going back last autumn into account, so he had to catch up on an extra hours snoozing instead