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Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary
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Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary
Fiona Oakes
You do not have to give a rescued animal a home in order to help one!

I know there are a lot of people out there who care a great deal about animals and would love to offer maybe a cat or dog a loving home, but whose current circumstances simply make it impractical for that to happen.

However, you can still make a big difference to a previously unwanted pet or ex-farm animal by sponsoring one of the rescues now living at the sanctuary. It might be one of the Cats who by now would have been put to sleep if they had not come here, or perhaps a Dog, Rabbit, Chinchilla or Hamster. Maybe you could sponsor a Shire, a Pig, a Turkey or even a Cow !

Whomever you choose you will be making a direct contribution towards the welfare of that animal (food & veterinary care) & as explained below I guarantee that 100% of any donation will go towards the feed costs & care of that animal
To keep the scheme initially simple I have put forward suggestions of the animals to choose from with a brief summary of their story together with a suggested monthly donation
- See Here for details
If you would prefer to make a single or ad hoc donation, rather than a regular monthly donation you can do so simply by sending a cheque to the Sanctuary

100% of any donation will go towards the upkeep of the rescued animals

All you need to do is to send a cheque payable to:

"Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary"

to the Sanctuary at this address:

This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
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There are a number of ways you can help the rescued animals - click on the links !
Food Glorious Food !

If you are a bit unsure about sending money directly to the Sanctuary Bank Account, then you might like to consider helping by buying the animals some food direct!

I use a company called Gladwells Feed Merchants for my main feed delivery. They are based in Copdock Mill in Suffolk and provide a terrific service, delivering to me every other week.

Gladwells have provided a service whereby you can call them & make a credit card or switch payment to the value of your choice which they will place as a credit on the Sanctuary feed account. They will issue you with a receipt through the post.

This has a double whammy effect to the Sanctuary, it means that I can effectively take credit card donations without suffering the high commissions (usually around 3%) and also because I spend so much on food (over £5200 per month) I am able to buy at discounted rates not available unless you buy in bulk.

If you would like to help me in this way, Gladwells can be contacted during normal office hours (UK time) on this number:

Gladwells Feed Merchants - 01473 730246

Just tell them that you wish to place a credit on the account of Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, and they will do the rest.

In case of any query, please ask for Sue or Nathan in accounts, although I am sure this won't be necessary.

This method also will enable overseas web site visitors to help me as long as you have a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) - and can work out what time you need to call the UK !!  (Call +44 1473 730246)

If you are able to help the Sanctuary in this or any of the other ways you have my heartfelt thanks. With 400 animals to look after all on my own 7 days a week, I am just so very tired all of the time. When someone is kind enough to help financially, it gives me a real boost to know that there are people out there who care.

Sponsor a Rescue

Make a Donation

Buy some Food for the Animals

Donate by PayPal

Use the Sanctuary Shop

Buy a CD

Join the Sanctuary Gym !

Buy some Sanctuary Merchandise

Check out the WISH LIST
Hello, I'm Chloe & i've only got 3 legs, I was going to be put down until I found a home here right at the last minute !
Please help me & my friends
You can help the animals for free ! - Click here to see how
The Sanctuary Web Shop

If you ever buy on line - please check out the Sanctuary shop which has over 150 retailers in it from Comet to Amazon.

If you visit these retailers via the Sanctuary shop links, and make a purchase, the Sanctuary will receive a commission. It doesn't cost you a penny & often there are offers available via the web shop that may not apply if you go directly to that retailer. Visit the shop here

If you want to go on the shop special offers mailing list - an email about every 6 weeks - send me a mail & I will add you to it.
Buy a CD

Cult Prog Rock super group 'Yak' from the 70's have recorded a CD & all the proceeds go to the animals at the Sanctuary - Click on the link above to go to their website or here to read the reviews of the music.

CD's are issued if you make a donation to the Sanctuary - suggested £10
Please help me to care for them all
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Donate by PayPal
If you would prefer to make payment using Internet or Telephone banking, the details you require are below:
If you do send a payment directly to the Sanctuary Bank Account, please do send me an e mail to let me know, so that I can look out for it & acknowledge receipt.
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