Dolly's New House
As you may have read on the latest news page, Dolly has had to be moved back from her area of hard standing to the new school because she has not been able to get herself up very easily from the hard surface. The problem with the new school was that there was no shelter and so an emergency portable shelter was delivered & erected yesterday (Friday 4th). Additionally some fresh bark chips were put down to give Dolly a soft & dry area to be on.
Here she is with her ever faithful companion, Skipio, in the new area. A further lorry load of bark chips will be delivered tomorrow to finish the job off.

So far Dolly has sat down twice in this area but has been able to get up on her own when she wanted to. She has had two buckets of feed so far today and has not shown any sign of loss of appitite which is fantastic.

These emergency arrangements have had to go onto credit cards and we now need to find an extra £1500 or so ! Oh dear. (Came in at £1750 !)

If anyone has any good ideas for fund raising or wants to do a stall somewhere or a boot sale on behalf of Dolly and her friends please do let me know - your help would be gratefully appreciated.
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This page was last updated: June 30, 2012