Tuesday 8th July - Found Dolly near Tesco’s in Hackney
Took Dolly to office and gave food and water.
Contacted PDSA, RSPCA, DOG WARDEN. Not much help or in fact any help.
After speaking with these organisations, other vets and doggy people realised that should I hade her over to any of these people Dolly will not be re-housed and will be almost certainly destroyed
1) To expensive to treat
2) To hard to re-home, in fact I don’t think they would have bothered trying due to the risk of getting it wrong.
Decide to take her as my own and claim responsibility for her and set about getting her better and re-homing her in a suitable place.

Then realised just how much hard work that would involve, and just how much it was now too late to do anything else, as I had fallen for Dolly. In fact until this point I hadn't’t named her Dolly.

A Friend again called RSPCA and gave slightly different story and chain of events, now armed with more info of actually how to get some help from someone - was given reference number and booked a VET.

Dolly Has Seen a Vet. Goddard’s in Mile End. Very nice people.

Have been told that with reference number RSPCA / Council will pay first £250 of treatment. - this is now known not to be the case and they will pay nothing towards her care.

Dolly weighed only 14kg, she should be around 23-27kg but its hard to tell as she is a mixed breed of an undetermined age.
Dolly is give 3 x injections and anti-biotic tablets to be given twice a day along with a special diet to build her weight back up slowly.

Wednesday 9th July -Dolly has a nice new collar and lead! The collar she will have to grow into, similar to the clothes people buy and hope to fit in by the summer

Dolly had a good day with food, water lots of attention and no VETS

Thursday 10th July 2008 - I have now had dolly for another 24hrs+
I have realised just how much I love my own bed. Dolly goes back to the vets for check-up and consultation.

She needs surgery to her leg and, ear and head, this is due to take place next week.
She will be chipped and wormed and inoculated at the same time.

We have spoken at length with friends and family about the future for Dolly and had to face the possibility of putting her down.
We are currently un-decided as a group of friends and supporters, and whilst none of us want this action we are all real to it being a credible and humane option to this situation.
She can be re-housed and already is toilet trained, walks well on the lead and is learning to sit stay etc. In my opinion she can be trained and is already learning, but she should never be trusted alone around other pets and therefore children.

She is not hyper active when with people, and is easy to have around. It’s just when she gets left alone or is with other dogs that she is a pain in the ass.

Sunday 13th July
Dolly has been micro-chipped and wormed, with thanks to Joanne Berry

Friday 11th July – I am writing the above as opposed to sleeping on the floor of a secret location. Will update you on Dolly watch tomorrow evening.

Please keep trying to find a home for her, and meanwhile post pictures of your pets and any comments and suggestions you have for us to hear.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed in whatever way. I am on the floor again tonight, but we all feel there is an end in sight and that we can find her a new home. We have had lots more donations, and they all really will help. As I said before any money left over will stay with The Victoria Park village Fundraisers and will go towards helping terminally ill children.
Dolly has proved to me that she can be a good girl. She lets me take her food off of her, which considering she is very thin and hungry is a very good sign for any dog. She has also taken well to the training that I have started giving her.
There are now so many people besides myself who have taken this Group as a full time job, and without them Dolly would not have got this far.
An end is in sight and we will get her better and we will re-home her with your continued help. Please call or email to ask any questions or offer any advice or help. Thank you David and Dolly 07792 530054
Dolly the Dog