Traversing the Kitchen - or in fact any room is not always easily achieved.

In all seriousness, you really do have to be careful as you can trip over a single Dog, let alone thirty !

There are seven Dogs with me in this picture - can you spot them all?

Paris, Dasha, Sasha, Patch, Tessy, Buddie & those legs under the table belong to Cassie !
Buddie is making himself at home on that chair in this picture & behind me, whilst Paris attempts to knock me sideways, Red Bella has made an appearance.

There are two Bella's now - Red & Black !
The German in the foreground is Pasha who has not been here long.

Also in this shot you can see Beanie the black headed spaniel & next to him Rolly the brindle staffie.

I don't know whose paw prints they are on the cupboard behind me, but rest assured I shall be finding out !

Don't forget that the monthly Dog walks are now on the last Sunday in the Month, so if you want to book a place & a Dog ! please let me know

Thank you
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