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Three babies arriving - Driver, Lamby & Hank
Coaxing the babies off the lorry using a bucket of milk replacer - a technique you will often see employed at cattle markets - Oh no sorry they use a electrified prod - silly me
Sorry that these pictures are so dark, it was dusk by the time I got home. Monty was keen to help as always. Not actually sure what he does to help but he insists I wouldn't be able to cope without him
Please help me to look after the animals
The 3 babies, Driver,Lamby & Hank (don't evn ask !)  just prior to Christmas '01.
Driver (foreground) is so tame & loves having his head scratched 

UPDATE - Sadly Lamby passed away in August '04 - no known reason
May 2002 - 
March 2002 - Having trouble with those difficult to reach pruning spots? Simply wheel in a handy Cow. "Daisy - WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THE LAWN"?
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Summer 2002
Winter 2003
Here I am performing the daily cow "muck out" ritual in the January '03 snow!

Max, the grey horse is the leader of the "Cow Gang"