I currently look after five Cows - Daisy, Olga, Driver, Hank and Marinka.

These were rescued from a dairy farm. Why did they need rescuing? Well, in order to keep cows producing milk, they have to be kept pregnant - all the time! This is obvious when you think about it - but it is something the industry tends to keep quiet !!!

Clearly the result of being pregnant is that you tend to get baby cows. If the babies are boys they are either slaughtered or go for veal crates & the girls go into the herd or a slaughtered. Mum is then made pregnant to start the cycle again - what a life

I was able to save Daisy, Hank & Driver and hand reared them using milk replacer. It's a bit of a task to get them to drink anything at first, but after I purchased some special buckets with built in teats they soon got the hang of it. One remaining difficulity was how to feed three full buckets wth two hands - given that part of the drinking process involved violently headbutting the bucket apparently just for a laugh!
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Three babies arriving - Driver, Lamby & Hank
Coaxing the babies off the lorry using a bucket of milk replacer - a technique you will often see employed at cattle markets - Oh no sorry they use a electrified prod - silly me
Sorry that these pictures are so dark, it was dusk by the time I got home. Monty was keen to help as always. Not actually sure what he does to help but he insists I wouldn't be able to cope without him
Please help me to look after the animals
The 3 babies, Driver,Lamby & Hank (don't evn ask !)  just prior to Christmas '01.
Driver (foreground) is so tame & loves having his head scratched

UPDATE - Sadly Lamby passed away in August '04 - no known reason
May 2002 -
March 2002 - Having trouble with those difficult to reach pruning spots? Simply wheel in a handy Cow. "Daisy - WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THE LAWN"?
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Summer 2002
Winter 2003
Here I am performing the daily cow "muck out" ritual in the January '03 snow!

Max, the grey horse is the leader of the "Cow Gang"