Costs - updated Feb '08 - (in May 11 this is £5300)
With 350 plus mouths to feed, my biggest monthly expense is the feed bill. I feed the animals well, as I believe that a good diet is key to maintain good health. I do not have enough land to satisfy the feed demands of the larger animals and effectively feed "winter rations" all year round. The land I have (about seven acres) is generally used for turnout & exercise rather than grazing.

The feed bills do vary slightly from month to month but listed below is the normal monthly quantity I use.
Horse Feed
Cat biscuits
Dog Feed
Rabbit Feed
Poultry feed
Rabbit feed
Sheep & Goat
345 bales
217 sacks
6 sacks
18 sacks
22 sack
5 sacks
30 sacks
60 sacks
430 sacks

£4469 !!!
This is a colossal sum & doesn't include "treats" or things like wormer or the blacksmith etc

You may know that we get a car load of bread and produce at 'sell-by' date from Sainsbury every day - this feeds the Pigs. Without that we would have another £400 to find each month.

It is hard work to unload all that lot - as I hope you can imagine - and that takes around 2 hours. Dealing with the food from Sainsbury is also a lot of work and it takes about 2 hours a day to unwrap, prepare & clear up the mess ! - Not much fun in the freezing cold I can assure you & that's every day - on top of everything else.

I cannot even begin to describe what it is like to live here and deal with this many animals as well as do my training and still get asked to take more and more every day. We are close to finding the end of our wit.
I have set up though the Abbey National a bank account in the name of "Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary". It is a postal account which will accept either cheques or standing orders. It is also completely free of bank charges for the foreseeable future.

If you would like to help me with the cost of the animals feed please click here.

Remember - if you do want to help us, this is our pledge: We will not waste your money. We will not spend it on administration, we will not pay ourselves salaries out of it, we will not use it to pay people to help out, we will not use it to service our vehicles or pay it into our pension plans (what pension plans?). We will not use it to redecorate our facilities, nor re-carpet our house. We will use every penny to buy FOOD for the rescued animals. This is NOT a Business. It is NOT what we do for a living.

Thank you

This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
Claudia & Matilda in the 50 yard 'grubs up' dash
Suppers Ready !
Every Friday the feed lorry arrives. Here is a picture of the back end of the Lorry - we had already started to unload the sacks when this picture was taken.

I have not included in the calculations above the fact that I use a high quality feed for the real oldies called 16+. It is the blue & pink sacks you can see. The White sacks to the right are the normal horse feed which is a "Mix" that our feed merchant has had milled specially for us.
Here is the other side of the Lorry - you can just see the 100 sacks of carrots & to their left, the 80 bales of Hay.

The white plastic bales above the carrots are "Haylage", something else I forgot to add to the list above. This is a treat for the animals and anyone who is feeling a bit under the weather.
I also forgot to add the 10 bales of Straw in ! - at £1.80 a bale now this adds up.

UPDATE - By June '08 the cost has risen to £5200 due to rising feed prices. Yet inflation is a mere 3% according to the Government - more like 23% - they must think we are all thick!