Please Help Us !
Will you buy Fiona a cup of Coffee ?
Just one Cup a month?
Just as a little thank you
for all she does for the animals?
No-one is paying Fiona a salary to do this

Daily caring for 400 rescued animals alone

Plus running 80-100 miles a week
to demonstrate that a Vegan can be strong

Achieving significant results in marathons

  • Top 20 in London & Berlin
  • 5th in Florence
  • 8th in Amsterdam
  • & 1st in Finland (course record)
  • 1st in Halstead Essex (course record)
  • 1st in Masses in Great North Run 2010

No holidays for Fiona in 15 years

No meals out for 15 years

Her food is sorted from what Sainsbury throw out & we use for the Pigs

Not many would choose to live like this with Fiona's workload

38 Dogs in the House - Can you imagine that?

Plus 40 Horses outside at two locations

All on your tod - 24/7 - all those years...

Will you buy her a Coffee?
Just the one - just once a month??
You can use this button to set up a regular PayPal payment of £1.85 a month which Fiona will use to help pay for the animal feed costs

But please think about it in terms of you simply buying her a coffee - just once a month

It's not too much to ask for the effort she puts in

is it?

Better still avoid PayPal commission you can set up a Standing Order for this amount - or whatever you choose - simply by completing & posting the form at the link below - or just use the details on the form to set one up yourself if you bank online

Thanks !