Christmas Eve Feed Delivery !
The Christmas Feed Delivery arrived this morning at about 8am with a weeks worth of feed for the big animals here at the main sanctuary site
​If anyone would like to purchase an item or 2 for a Christmas Present for the rescues, we have set up a special button below to allow you to do that :)

You can enter any donation amount you like, but here are a few items together with their approx cost so you can chose what to buy

Small Bale Hay - £4.50
Big Bale Hay - £35
Straw - £2.50
Carrots - £2.30
20kg of Mix - £7
20kg of senior Mix - £9
Ready Grass - £5
Poultry Feed - £6

If you let us know in the message that comes with the paypal donation what items you wanted to help with, we will make a certificate and post it on your wall if you are on fb of course :) - otherwise we can e mail it to you this evening 

(if we can find you on fb & are able to post, we'll do that, otherwise we'll e mail)

Thank you - Love from Fiona, Percy, Martin & the Gang !

Happy Christmas !