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Chinchillas are really amazing. They have the potential to live for a very long time (15 years +), and have the softest coats you could imagine. A healthy Chinchillas fur is so dense that not even a flea can penetrate it to its roots.

Unfortunately Chinchillas which have been interbred are not so lucky and can develop all sorts of problems. Quite a few of mine have come from homes who no longer wanted them as they are a long term commitment unlike a hamster which does well if it makes 2 years.

I was lucky enough to spot an advert in the Loot magazine for a cattery which was being dismantled & sold. I managed to get 6 units. Having fully wired up the inside of each "run" (Chinchillas eat through wood with alarming speed!) this has made an ideal environment for some of my animals.

The outside section of each run is fully roofed, as Chinchillas must never get wet coats - wet conditions would soon kill them.
Samsonella - well she was called Samson when she came to me as a baby, but after I checked...

They really look like "Clangers" don't they !

Chinchillas love to gnaw things, especially wood. The branches you can see in the picture are from a Peach tree. Some trees are not ideal for Chinchillas, I always stick to fruit trees as they are safe.
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Here are a pair of almost white Chinchillas who arrived at the sanctuary towards the end of '02. They are currently living indoors, but in the Spring they will move into their outdoor accommodation next door to Samsonella above.
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February 2008 and Sweetie the White Chinchilla tucks into a carrot !